Challenge 2
  Safety on the road  

The number of people injured and killed on our road have been greatly reduced in recent years. But every accident is one too much.

Technology helps us to drive, but also makes us less focused on the road. More and more people are being caught using the mobile phone use behind the wheel.

How can we use technology to learn more about accidents, dangerous situations (near-accidents) and the circumstances in which they occur? And what role can technologies such as IoT, AI and sensors play in this?

Take on the challenge and make our roads smart(er) and safe(r)!

Current situation

Speed checks are more and more priority for the police. Various communication campaigns, conducted by the government, point to the importance of wearing a seat belt, not using a mobile phone behind the wheel and not driving under the influence.

Measuring is knowing. The government conducts research into where, when and why accidents and dangerous situations occur. However, there is still too little information about this. Accurate data about where and when accidents or near-accidents (hard braking, evasive, etc.) happen can help to investigate the causes of accidents and to prevent accidents. Technology could help to encourage drivers to take a safe (er) driving behavior at dangerous times and places.

In addition, there are also several startups that have brought apps to the market to prevent mobile phone usage behind the wheel – see article below

Articles and data

Twee op de drie automobilisten gebruiken gsm achter het stuur – dutch (ARTIKEL)

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Explanation safety on the road – challenge (Document)

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