What is Mobility of the future about?

Mobility of the future is a summit which combines a fair, conference and hackathon and immerses you in the fast-changing and innovative world of mobility.

Startups, established companies, students and professionals have the opportunity to meet each other and learn from everyone’s expertise.

During the summit you’ll have plenty of networking opportunities as well as space to work in silence if you urgently need to finish some work in between.

Who can attend?

The event is open to anyone. You just need to purchase a ticket. You can do it here buy tickets

Where is the venue located?

The summit will take place in Brussels Kart fair, Alfons Gossetlaan 11, 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden.

Where should I look for accommodation?

The best places to search accommodation from are near the city centre of Brussels.

From the city centre (Station Brussel Centraal) to the venue (Station Groot-Bijgaarden) it takes approximately 23 minutes with the train, or 15 minutes with a taxi.

For tips check out the website of visit Brussels: visit Brussels

We also have a limited space of comfy beds and showers available at the venue itself. They are given out on a first come, first serve basis.
Please let us know during your ticket purchase that you would like to have a bed reserved for you and we’ll take care of it.

How can I purchase tickets?

You can purchase tickets through our website. Just go to the ticket link and choose the type of pass(es) you want after signing in.

Once you have purchased your ticket, you will need to collect your badge(s) from one of our Badge Claim points to access the venue.

Can I pay my ticket at the entrance?

No, tickets cannot be paid for at the entrance.

When is the latest I can buy tickets?

You can buy tickets online until the 22nd of February or as long as there are tickets left.

Where can I find my receipt and tickets?

Your receipt/ticket will be send via email.

Where can I change ticket information?

Ticket information can be changed via Eventbrite. If there are changes needed which is not possible via Eventbrite, please contact us at

Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes, if you do it before the 20th of February. You can transfer your ticket to another person by sending an email to with the contact information from that person.

Can I access the event by showing a receipt of my ticket purchase?

Unfortunately not. Even if you have purchased your ticket beforehand you need your badge to have access to the venue.

You can collect your badge(s) during the summit from the venue entrance. You will need to have your ID with you when collecting your badge.

When and where can I collect my badge?

Even if you have purchased your ticket beforehand, you need to collect your badge during the summit from the venue entrance.

Is there a possibility for a refund if I am not able to come?

Unfortunately, the tickets are not refundable. This also applies in cases of illness.

If you can find someone who would be interested in attending the event instead of you, it’s possible to transfer the ticket to another person as long as the change has been made by February 20th.

You can transfer your ticket to another person by sending us an email via

How can I get a letter of invitation for a visa?

Please contact Give your full name, nationality, passport number, passport issue and expiry dates, passport issue place as well as date of birth so that we can provide you the invitation.

We give invitation letters only to ticket holders.

What is included in the ticket price?

A fancy visual overview can be found under each ticket category, explaining the treats you will receive

Can I request an invoice?

Yes! Just send us an email via

What is the fair about?

The fair offers the opportunity to startups and established companies to showcase their innovations in the field of mobility, in an interactive way.

Any product, prototype or idea providing solutions in the wide field of mobility are welcome at the fair.

The fair will take place on Thursday and Friday, from 10am until 4pm on Thursday and from 10am until 6pm on Friday.

How can I get a booth for my company or startup?

Booth application is now open! You can apply by sending an email to with your website, contact info and product or service description.

If your company would like to have a live test track or booth outside, that is possible too. We have space for that available.

Exhibitors will be selected on a rolling basis. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know!

What kind of booths are they?

The inside booths are sized at 2×2 meters.They come with a table, lighting and power supply.

The outside booths or test tracks can differ in size, according to your needs.

I bought a ticket for the fair & conference. Can I join the hackathon as well?

You are not able to join the hackathon.

If you would like to join the hackathon you will need to buy a ticket for the hackathon.

What is the conference about?

The conference allows attendees to get insights from thought leaders, who will all elaborate on different tracks regarding innovation and mobility. Next to that, we also provide hands-on workshops!

The conference will be held on Thursday February 22th and Friday February 23rd.

Who are the speakers?

Our speaker line-up includes successful founders, serial entrepreneurs, professors and PhD students who are all contributing to building the future of mobility.

To find out more details you can check our continuously updated program

What are the workshops about?

The workshops are hands-on sessions and focus on technology in mobility. We cover blockchain, drones, Virtual reality, …

To find out more details you can check our continuously updated program

What are Roundtable discussions?

Roundtable discussions are 45-min sessions gathering experts, students, professionals and one host to share experiences and advices in an intimate session. All hosts are successful serial entrepreneurs. The topics of the discussions cover different tracks on mobility and technology that comes with it. More information on roundtables will be released closer to the event.

What are Sofa sessions?

Sofa sessions are 30-min gatherings of an expert and a limited amount of attendees (students and professionals) that will have an intimate session on mobility. You can ask your questions directly and get insights from a small dedicated group of people. More information on sofa sessions will be released closer to the event.

Why is the conference split in 2 parts, one for students and one for professionals?

Many industry-specific events are targeted at professionals only.

As we find that mobility is a fast-changing industry where everyone comes into contact with in their daily lives, it seems no more than logical to us that we have a program available for multiple target groups.

To inspire professionals and provide them with insights that can help their business grow is one thing.

To inspire students is another thing that we find highly important. By doing so, they can better understand how the present and future of mobility is being made and what their role in this process can be.

Any STEM or car technology related study field is welcome to join, as well as the other fields such as Psychology, Communications, Marketing, etc. There are no limitations!

I bought a ticket for the conference. Can I join the fair and hackathon as well?

If you bought a ticket for the conference, you can access the fair as well at no extra cost.

If you would like to join the hackathon you will need to buy a ticket for the hackathon.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a “creation” marathon in which participants, divided in teams, challenge to give birth to an idea in a very short time, with defined themes and technologies.

The people participating in teams come from various backgrounds and professions.

A hackathons’ main aim is to bring technology innovation at 360°, giving companies ideas and potential projects they didn’t manage to think for themselves (disruptive ideas) and giving participants the possibility to reunite with entrepreneurial enthusiast as them and to show themselves to big companies or rising startups. Hackathons bring innovation, making us think outside of the box.

What is the hackathon about?

The hackathon will address different challenges in the field of mobility. It will start on Thursday evening and end Saturday evening.

You will receive coaching from experts in the field and have all the resources you need to work with your team towards a viable solution, which you will present to a jury panel on Saturday evening.

Why should I participate in a hackathon?

To learn & teach.

To solve problems.

To create something new.

To meet like-minded people.

To build, because building is fun and rewarding.

To gain the respect of peers, through creative expression.

To collaboratively push the limits of technology as we know it today.

To launch new business ideas, products and models!

I want to come but I don’t have an idea yet. Can I still join?

Yes! Having an idea is one thing, but bringing along a specific expertise or background another. We believe in creating ideas together. On Thursday evening, we’ll guide the pitching and team formation process. By doing so, we make sure that everyone is able to join a team and get started on ideation and developing a solution!

I want to come but I don’t have a team yet. Can I come alone?

Of course. From experience, we see that about half of the people already made teams (which of some are still looking for extra team members), and the other half comes alone.

On Thursday evening, we’ll guide the pitching and team formation process. By doing so, we make sure that everyone is able to join a team and get started on ideation and developing a solution!

I don’t have an IT solution in mind. Is this a problem?

This is not a problem at all. The hackathon is open to business solutions, hacking/coding solutions or ‘maker’ solution. As long as you solve the challenges, you should be fine!

I don’t have an IT or technology background. Is this a problem?

Having another background than IT or technology is not a limitation for taking part in the hackathon.

Teams consist of various profiles and we believe that the more backgrounds and skills, the better a team will function.

I already have a product, can I join?

Yes, during the hackathon there will be two different competitions. One for pre existing companies and one for starters.

Please be aware that you will receive points on progress during the weekend so you will need to modify or add new features to your product.

I would like to take part in the hackathon but can only arrive on Friday morning instead of Thursday evening. Can I still join a team?

You can. While ideally you join on Thursday evening, when teams are being formed, it is possible to come in on Friday morning. We will have an overview of which profile is in which team and we’ll see which team would be best for you to join.

However, this is not an ideal solution and should only be seen as an exception.

I bought a ticket for the hackathon. Can I join the fair and conference as well?

You can join the fair and conference on both days.

However, make sure you divide your time well and discuss the possibilities with your team upfront.

Please kindly note that, if you purchase a ticket for the hackathon and you don’t participate in the hackathon but are only present at the conference or fair, we will charge you an extra cost of 150 euro afterwards.