Connected & autonomous mobility


Think about the following scenario: You get in a car, ready to leave for work. You don’t need to drive yourself – the car is the driver here. You don’t need to add the address: the car knows where you’re going – it’s connected to your online agenda. You don’t need to set the alarm – your alarm wakes you up taking into account different factors: your needed amount of sleep, the distance to work, traffic jams on the way, …

Only in a galaxy far, far away you say? Not so much.

The first self-driving cars are on their way to our roads, much faster than we ever anticipated. There will not only be a shift to autonomous driving, but also from car-ownership to mobility usage.

People will be able to decide which transportation mode is the most efficient for them to use, and will be able to request this in the blink of an eye. First ride the bicycle to the train station, take the train, exit one stop earlier and walk to work? Whilst at the same time ordering your groceries and having them delivered at work, home or anywhere else by a drone or self-driving robot? These will be a reality soon.

Autonomous vehicles will have the possibility of being interconnected: not only with each other, but also with devices in nearby areas. These vehicles and devices will be able to communicate with each other, as if they would be having actual conversations. They can learn from each other and therefore serve you and your journey better.

There will be less car accidents and traffic congestions, as everything will be smart and interconnected and continuously interchanging information. Cities will be reshaped and redesigned to more liveable, greener and safer environments.

By implementing the use of connected and autonomous vehicles, there will be lots of data available that will allow us to get new insights and perspectives on things. Is there a safe way to storage and use all these data for the benefit of people and industries? How can we make sure these data are not being misused? How could these data help to design new methods of transportation and reshape cities?